Animated Sp3 Window


A release history is here.

Superpolator Remote for RoboFont

See updates while editing in RoboFont.


A Superpolator document window consists of three major parts.


Some useful menus

  • Edit / Duplicate: Duplicate the selected instance(s)
  • Edit / New Snippet: Make a new text snippet from the text / glyphs currently in the preview.
  • Designspace / Save Report: Save a report in html format, it describes the current masters and their locations, the instances and any problems.
  • Designspace / Save PDF: Save the glyphs currently in the preview to a nice PDF.
  • Designspace / Export to MutatorMath: Export the current designspace for use in MutatorMath.

Set up a new document

A page describing step by step how to set up a new document.