Use the Axes sheet to define the one or more dimensions of your designspace.

  • Axis Name for instance “weight”, “width”, “stem”
  • Short a two or three letter abbreviation of the axis name. This will be used in generating names for instances.
  • Initial the default value for this axis. (because it does not have to be zero)
  • Min the minimum value for this axis
  • Max the maximum value for this axis


Once defined you can rename the axes.

Adding an axis to an existing designspace

Adding a new axis to designspace that already has some masters and instances will set each to the initial value of the axis.


An axis does not necessarily need to match the extremes of the locations of the masters and instances. While the axes are shown in the design space with some extra margin (scroll to zoom!) should you want to explore wider extrapolations, just increase the size of the axis a bit.


You can set a color for each axis. This color is used to draw the background for the designspace. This will help you navigate different combinations of axes. And you get nice gradients.


You can change the presets in the Preference window. But the new definitions will not affect existing (or open) documents.